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Commonwealth Scholars Program

Applicants for the class entering in August 2014 are eligible to participate in our Commonwealth Scholars Tuition Grant Program. Here’s how it works:

  • All Pennsylvania residents admitted to Penn State University Dickinson School of Law will automatically receive a free $20,000 tuition grant, renewed each year for a total tuition savings of $60,000. The grant will be applied toward J.D. tuition at Penn State Law only. 
  • All Pennsylvania residents may apply to Penn State University Dickinson School of Law for free.
  • All Pennsylvania residents who apply will be considered for additional scholarship aid based on other performance criteria as well as need.
  • The grant is available for admission to either the Carlisle or the University Park campus. 

Of course a $20,000 annual grant is only one reason to apply. Here are a few more:

  • Our graduates perform. Our first-time bar exam pass rate in July 2013 was 93.8%, highest of all Pennsylvania law schools.
  • Our student-to-faculty ratio is 8.8 to 1 — best in Pennsylvania and among the best in the country.
  • We have some of the top scholars and practitioners in the world, including 5 federal judges, 9 Fulbright Scholars, and specialists in emerging areas like IP, Oil and Gas, and Internet law. 
  • Clinics, externships, and pro bono experiences can give you practical experience before the job hunt.
  • You can choose from our two great Pennsylvania locations — University Park and Carlisle.
  • You can pursue joint degrees with Penn State's top-ranked graduate schools.
  • The Penn State alumni network is over 600,000 strong.

Interested? Let us tell you more. 


Commonwealth Scholars Interest


How do I get a fee waiver?

If you listed Pennsylvania as your permanent state of residence, we have already arranged for you to receive a fee waiver through LSAC. If you did not register for CRS, simply email us at and include your name, LSAC number, and undergraduate school, and we’ll make sure you receive a fee waiver as well.

What proof of residency do I need to get the $20,000 grant?

The Admissions Office determines a student's residency status based on the information provided on the student's application. Details on Pennsylvania residency requirements can be found here.​

If I am eligible for the Commonwealth Scholars Program, will I be considered for other scholarships and need-based aid?

Yes. All applicants are automatically considered for scholarships, including full tuition scholarships. 

I am enrolled at another law school and wish to transfer to Penn State University Dickinson School of Law. Do I get the $20,000 tuition grant if admitted?

No. The tuition grant is for first-year law students entering the law school in 2014.

I am a current Penn State University Dickinson School of Law student and Pennsylvania resident. Can I apply for the $20,000 grant for my second or third year?

No. The tuition grant is for first-year law students entering the Law School in 2014.

Is the continuation of the grant from year to year conditioned on some level of academic performance?

The only requirement for retaining the grant in the second and third year of law school is to maintain good academic standing.  

Will the grant limit my ability to receive a scholarship?

No. Grant recipients may receive a scholarship in addition to the grant.  

Is this tuition grant available at either campus? 

Yes. Both locations feature new state-of-the-art facilities with world-class AV technology. In Carlisle you would be 30 minutes from the state capitol which houses the State Supreme Court, the Pennsylvania General Assembly, law firms and many state and nonprofit agencies. In University Park, you would share a campus with more than 45,000 Penn State graduate and undergraduate students and would have easy access to nationally-ranked Penn State graduate programs in education, business, and agriculture and opportunities for joint degrees and elective study. 

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