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International Law Review Volume 16, Number 2, Winter 1998


Puerto Rico 1898-1998: The Institutionalization of the Second Class Citizenship? — Nelson D. Hermilla

Recent Developments: Nonconforming Goods Under the CISG — What's a Buyer to Do? — Andrew J. Kennedy

The Prosecution of Josef Altstoetter et al. : Law, Lawyers and Justice in the Third Reich — Matthew Lippman


Belgium, Germany, England, Denmark and the United States: The Implementation of Registration and Castration Laws as Protection Against Habitual Sex Offenders — Alison G. Carpenter

Canines Cry Out: Is Six Months in a British Quarantine a Necessity for Rabies Prevention? — Rachel G. Castillo

Getting Back What Was Theirs? The Reparation Mechanisms for the Land Rights Claims of the Maori and Navajo — Carter D. Frantz

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