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International Law Review Volume 20, Number 1, Fall 2001

Symposium on Working Together:
Developing Cooperation in International Legal Education

Introduction and Overview — Toni M. Fine

Cooperation in Internationalizing Legal Education in Europe — Emerging New Players — Associate Dean Louis F. Del Duca

Curricular Responses to Globalization — Dean John E. Sexton

When Local IS Global: Using a Consortium of Law Schools to Encourage Global Thinking — Dean Nancy B. Rapoport

Working Together: Developing Cooperation in International Legal Exchange — Carl C. Monk

Internationalizing the Study of Law — Michael P. Scharf

The Role of Culture, Race, Gender, and Language — Adrien K. Wing

What are Legal Writing Professors Doing as International Legal Educators? — Peter B. Friedman

The Judicial Observation Program for International Law Students, Lawyers, and Judges — The Honorable Myron H. Bright

Making the Right Connections: Developing Contacts for International Legal Exchange — The Honorable Paul Magnuson

The Global Legal Professional and the Challenges to Legal Education — Jonathan D. Cahn

Toward General Principles of Academic Specialization by Means of Certificate or Concentration Programs: Creating a Certificate Program in International, Comparative and Foreign Law at Penn State — Larry Catá Backer

Article on the Law of War

Humanitarian Law: The Development and Scope of the Superior Orders Defense — Dr. Matthew R. Lippman


Justice for “Comfort Women”: Will the Alien Tort Claims Act Bring Them the Remedies They Seek?, — Nathalie I. Johnson-Noon

Electronic Commerce: Will it Ever Truly Realize Its Global Potential? — Adrienne J. Breslin

The First International Challenge to U.S. Copyright Law: What Does the WTO Analysis of 17 U.S.C. § 110(5) Mean to the Future of International Harmonization of Copyright Laws under the TRIPS Agreement? — Sarah E. Henry

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