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International Law Review Volume 22, Number 1, Summer 2003

11th Biennial Conference of the International Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law

Introduction — Louis F. Del Duca

Facilitating and Regulating Private Investment in a Developing Economy — S.K. Date-Bah

An Assessment of the WTO-Consistency of the Procedural Aspects of South African Anti-Dumping Law and Practice — Patrick C. Osode

Settlement Finality and Associated Risks in Funds Transfers — When Does Interbank Payment Occur? — Benjamin Geva

Protecting the Israeli Consumer in the Electronic Age — Allen A. Zysblat

Does an Unknown World Government Exist? Impact of Commercial and Consumer Law — Donald B. King

Contractual Rights and Checks as Security in Israel — Shalom Lerner

Preparing for the European Future of Law Studies in the Baltic Countries — Norbert Reich, Linda Freimane


About Face: American Ex-POWs Turned Away by the United States Government; After Denial of Reparations, What Does the Future Hold? — Matthew C. Stone

Board Games: Germany’s Monopoly on the Two-Tier System of Corporate Governance and Why the Post-Enron United States Would Benefit From Its Adoption — Cherie J. Owen

Privacy and the Press: The Convergence of British and French Law in Accordance With the European Convention of Human Rights

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