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International Law Review Volume 18, Number 1, Fall 1999

Symposium: Paris Forum On Transnational Practice For The Legal Profession

An Introduction to the Paris Forum on Transnational Practice for the Legal Profession — Laurel S. Terry

Paris Forum Documents


Remarks of Philip S. Anderson — Philip S. Anderson

Remarks of Michel Gout — Michel Gout

Remarks of Shigeru Kobori — Shigeru Kobori

Discussion Papers

Presented by the American Bar Association Section for International Law and Practice — Donald H. Rivkin

Presented by the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Community — Carl Bevernage

Presented by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations — Shigeru Kobori

Presented by the Law Council of Australia — Fabian Dixon and Peter Levy

Presentation Paper of the New York Bar Association

The Unique Characteristics of Korean Attorneys' System — Ham Jung-Ho


South Africa's Medicines and Related Substances Control Amendment Act: A Spoonful of Sugar or a Bitter Pill to Swallow? — David Benjamin Snyder

An Analysis of the $1.25 Billion Settlement Between the Swiss Banks and Holocaust Survivors and Holocaust Victims' Heirs — Jeffery Craig Mickletz

Could "Bad Kids" Be Saved by Better Laws? A Comparison of Current Federal Legislation of the United States and Canada — Jessica Elaine Becker

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