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International Law Review Volume 23, Number 2, Fall 2004


Honor Crimes in Jordan: Their Treatment Under Islamic and Jordanian Criminal Laws — Ferris K. Nesheiwat

Etudiantes Sans Frontieres: Out-of-State Tuition, the Right to Travel, and the European Union — John J. Garman

Bankruptcy of the Banking System and Guarantees’ Regulation in Mexico — E. Arcelia Quintana Adriano

Show Me the Money: The Application of the Asset Forfeiture Provisions of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and Suggestions for the Future — Jorene Soto

The Boeing 767 Tanker Boondoggle: How the Corporate-Sales-Pitch Procurement Regime Lost Its Parent and the U.S. Economy International Billions — Phillip J. Sweitzer


A Survey of the Domestic Approaches to Antitrust Taken by the OPEC Member Nations: Do They Practice What They Preach? — Kieran A. Lasater

Absent Fathers: National Paid Paternity Leave for the United States — Examination of Foreign and State-Oriented Models — Kathryn Kroggel

Double Standard: A Comparison of British and American Defamation Law — Michael Socha 

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