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International Law Review Volume 19, Number 1, Fall 2000

The 18th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime

Financial Markets at Risk: The Threat to the Stability and Integrity of the Economic Order and the Good Governance of the Financial Markets


The Control of Insider Trading — Smoke and Mirrors! — Barry A. K. Rider

Corruption of the Financial Sector: The Strategic Impact — John McFarlane

Internet Casinos: A Set for Money Laudering — Dean Jon Mills

Privatizing Regulation: Whistleblowing and Bounty Hunting in the Financial Services Industries — James Fisher, Ellen Harshman, William Gillespie, Henry Ordower, Leland Ware and Frederick Yeager

Parallel Proceedings in Germany: Problems and Solutions — Dr. Volker Lipp

Cross-Border Insider Trading — Donald C. Langevoort


Genocide In East Timor? Calling for an International Criminal Tribunal for East Timor in Light of Akayesu — Philip J. Curtin

Hell-Bent on Awarding Recovery to Terrorism Victims: The Evolution and Application of the Antiterrorism Amendments to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act — Sean P. Vitrano

U.S. Bilateral Agreements and the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Foreign Countries: Effective for U.S. Intellectual Property Interests or a Way Out of Addressing the Issue? — Alisa M. Wrase

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