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International Law Review Volume 24, Number 1, Summer 2005


Shareholders’ Action and Director’s Responsibility in Japan — Mitsuru Misawa

Arranger Fees in Syndicated Loans – A Duty to Account to Participant Banks? — Gavin R. Skene

Treaty Solutions from the Land Down Under: Reconciling American Federalism and International Law — Cyril Robert Emery

Book Review

Fighting Epidemics with Information and Laws: The Case of SARS in China. A Review of Chinese Law on SARS by Chenglin Liu. W.S. Hein & Co. 2004 — Vincent R. Johnson and Brian T. Bagley


What Ann Arbor Could Learn From Ulster: The Implementation of the MacBride Principles to American Higher Learning Admissions — Matthew S. Draper

Taking the ‘Pulpit’ Out of the ‘Bully Pulpit’: The Establishment Clause and Presidential Appeals to Divine Authority — Rachael F. Goldfarb

Serious Prejudice: The Decline and Fall of Agricultural Subsidies After the World Trade Organization’s Upland Cotton Decision — Jason G. Buhi

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