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International Law Review Volume 18, Number 3, Spring 2000

Symposium on Emerging Worldwide
Strategies in Internationalizing Legal Education

Introduction and Overview — Associate Dean Louis F. Del Duca

Bases and Prospects for Internationalization of Legal Education in the United States — Dean Robert C. Clark

Building the World Community: Challenges for Legal Education — Dean Claudio Grossman

Structuring Global Law Schools — Dean John E. Sexton

Blitz Survey of the Challenges for Legal Education in Europe — Dean Frans J. Vanistendael

Korean Students in U.S. Law Schools and Foreign Students at Seoul National University Law School — Professor Sang-Hyun Song

Preparing Students for International Legal Practice and Improvement of Their Legal Systems — Professor Csilla Kollonay Lehoczky

Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Other Forms for Building Global Law Schools — Dean John B. Attanasio

Joint Degree Programs — Assistant Dean Charles Cramton

American Lawyers and International Competence — Dr. Charlotte Ku and Christopher J. Borgen


The Direct Marketing Model and Virtual Identity: Why the United States Should Not Create Legislative Controls On the Use of Online Consumer Personal Data — Shaun A. Sparks

The Bolar Amendment Abroad: Preserving the Integrity of American Patents Overseas After the South African Medicines Act — Matthew A. Kramer

A Framework on Consumption Taxes and Their Impact on International Trade — Jane L. Seigend 

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