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Environmental Law Review Volume 10, Number 3, Summer 2002


In Search of Goldilocks: Democracy, Participation, and Government — Philip J. Harter

Who Owns Science? — A. Dan Tarlock

Creative Destruction and Environmental Law — Bruce Yandle

The Industrialization of Agriculture: Implications for Public Concern and Environmental Consequences of Intensive Livestock Operations — Charles W. Abdalla

Federal Regulation of Animal and Poultry Production Under the Clean Water Act: Opportunities for Employing Economic Analysis to Improve Societal Results — Theodore A. Feitshans, J.D.* and Kelly Zering, Ph.D.

CAFOs: Issues and Development of New Waste Treatment Technology — C.M. Williams

An Overview of Nutrient Management Requirements in Pennsylvania — Michael M. Meloy

Searching for a Sense of Control: The Challenge Presented By Community Conflicts Over Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations — Nancy A. Welsh and Barbara Gray

Science, Politics, and Problem Solving: Principles and Practices for the Resolution of Environmental Disputes in the Midst of Advancing Technology, Uncertain or Changing Science, and Volatile Public Perceptions — Peter S. Adler, Ph.D.


Genetically Modified Organisms: Does the Current Regulatory System Compromise Consumer Health? — Heather N. Ellison  

Finding Teeth for Russian Federation Tiger Protection Laws: Using United States Gray Wolf Populations as an Inspiration, and United States Endangered Species Legislation as a Model for Russian Federation Endangered Species Legal Reform — John C. Porter


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