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Environmental Law Review Volume 2, Number 2, Spring 1993


EPA's Lender Liability Rule: Exorcising the Polluted Mortgage — William D. Evans Jr.

How to Environmentally Assess Your Loan Documentation After Fleet Factors — Aimee L. Manocchio Nason

From the Test Tube to the Dinner Table in Record Time: Liberalizing Effects on Domestic and International Regulatory Frameworks for Controlled Environmental Introduction of Genetically Engineered Agricultural Organisms — Alek P. Szecsy


Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife: Environmental Standing — When the Love is Gone — David J. Raphael

The Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act: A Status Report — Marshall Groom

United States v. Alcan Aluminum Corporation: The Third Circuit Perspective Concerning the Definition of Hazardous Substance, Causation, and Joint and Several Liability under CERCLA — Tracey Burnett

Book Reviews

International Law & The Environment: Biodiversity and International Law — Sudhir K. Chopra


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