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Environmental Law Review Volume 3, Number 3, Summer 1994

Genetic Engineering Symposium

What of the Brave New World? — Dean John A. Maher

Genetic Engineering: Prescription for Perfection or Roadmap for Disaster?

A Primer of Genetic Engineering I: Basic Structural Components of the Cell — Cheryl Y. Bardales, Ph.D.

A Primer of Genetic Engineering II: Gene Cloning — Michael P. Roberts, Ph.D.

A Primer of Genetic Engineering III: Identification and Manipulation of Genes in Humans — Mary K. Howett, Ph.D.

Impact of Advances in Genetic Technology on Health Care and Public Policy — James W. Hanson, M.D.

Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of the Human Genome Project — Elizabeth J. Thompson, M.S., R.N.

Washington Perspectives on Genetics and Privacy — Robert Gellman

Impact of Recent Legal Developments on the Scope and Enforceability of Biotechnological Patent Claims — Herbert H. Jervis, Ph.D.

Use of Genetic Testing by Employers and Insurance Companies — Michael Landau

A Glossary of Genetic Terms — Jeffrey L. Gellner and Wendy L. Weaver


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