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Webcast of The U.S.-Iranian Relationship and the Future of International Order

Friday, February 15, 2013



The Iranian Nuclear Issue, the End of the American Century, and the Future of International Order 

Professor Flynt Leverett 



Panel I — Iran and the Future of Nuclear Nonproliferation 

Ambassador Richard Butler, AC
Professor Daniel Joyner 
Moderated by Professor Tiyanjana Maluwa


Panel II — The Iranian Case and the Use of Force as a Constraint on State Behavior 

Vice Admiral (Ret.) James W. Houck
Professor Mary Ellen O'Connell
Moderated by David Andelman, Editor, World Policy Journal


How Precipitous a Decline? U.S.-Iranian Relations and the Transition from American Primacy 

Professor Hillary Mann Leverett



Penn State Journal of Law and International Affairs (JLIA) —

The views expressed in the webcast represent those of individual panelists and moderators and do not represent the views of Penn State University.