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Upper Level Curriculum

Kim Hibbard, who interned with the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives (ATF) said her writing electives, taught by Professor Mary Kaye Polacheck, helped her get the job done. She also credited Administrative Law Professor Jamie Colburn and Legal Writing Professor Michele Vollmer with her success since both had experiences working at federal administrative agencies. 

"The writing courses definitely gave me the skills and confidence necessary to develop legal memos and documents for my ATF supervisors...Professors at Penn State genuinely care about your interests and future, even outside of the classroom setting, they are always an email or a phone call away."



Upper-Level Writing and Research Courses

After the first-year LARW course, students can continue to work on becoming excellent legal writers and, ultimately, successful lawyers by taking upper-level research and writing courses.  An array of courses enable students to refine oral and written communication skills in a way that employers value, such as: