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Student Perspectives

“As a Microbiology major in college, I found the laboratory component of my classes the most instructive. As such, I felt rather lost when I began law school because my lecture classes were not as hands-on or three dimensional. The Clinic, however, turned out to be my law school laboratory where I not only read the law but applied it to real people and cases. As a result, I learned a great deal and gathered valuable, practical experience that helped me secure an excellent job after graduation.”

Lindsay K. Griffel '08

“The Law Clinic is more than just a great line on a résumé — it's an opportunity to experience a lot of firsts in your legal career — your first one-on-one client meeting, your first hearing, and your first brief to a court. It's a confidence booster. It's a chance to learn the skills that are so important in the legal profession. But most importantly, the clinic allows you to see first-hand the difference you can make in a client's life.”

Jennifer Stull '08