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  • Children’s Advocacy Clinic

Student Perspectives on the Children's Advocacy Clinic

"Working in the Children's Advocacy Clinic has given me a broader perspective on how the law shapes people's lives. I've realized that having the facts, knowing the law, having a good plan, and a little bit of passion goes along way to helping people."

Kelly McKallagat '09

"The opportunity to get out of the classroom and apply my legal knowledge and skills to advocate for children is the most rewarding experience I’ve had in law school."

Melissa Tanguay '09
Solicitor for Dauphin County Children & Youth Services, Harrisburg, PA​

"My Children's Advocacy Clinic experience provided me with the tools I needed to be a successful student, as well as the confidence, passion, and work ethic I needed as I entered the legal profession. Each time I reflect on my CAC experience, I learn a little bit more about the world and the impact one person can have on so many.”

Katherine Fitz-Patrick '08
Attorney, Pennsylvania School Boards Association