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Centre County Women’s Resource Center — Civil Legal Representation Project

The Center for Immigrants’ Rights provides a very valuable resource for those affected by Immigration issues.  Without them, our office would not be as effective in helping victims of domestic violence.

Yvette Wilson, Director, 2014

National Guestworker Alliance

Collaborating with The Center for Immigrants’ Rights is an experience you step out of hoping you’ll be able to repeat it in the near future. Most recently Professor Wadhia and her students assisted the National Guestworker Alliance (NGA) and one of our members in seeking immigration protections following labor exploitation suffered in the guestworker program.  The experience highlighted the outstanding professionalism and care with which they work, both on the individual and policy level. The NGA and its members are grateful for the Center’s support and the exceptional resources it provides to immigrants and their advocates nationally.

Jan Collatz, Attorney, 2014

American Immigration Council

Working with the Center was a terrific experience.  The students were hardworking, always well-prepared, and completed a well-written, well-researched practice advisory that will be extremely useful to the immigration bar.  

Mary Kenney, Senior Attorney, 2014

Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with the Center for Immigrants’ Rights on multiple projects that benefit both the legal community and vulnerable immigrants. Their work is exceptional and reflects their sense of purpose in improving the lives of immigrants in our society. 

Mary Weaver, Executive Director, 2014

Maggio+Kattar PC

During the last several years of my practice,  I noticed more and more how my clients and their families suffered from long delays in immigrant visa processing because of what is known as administrative processing.  For a variety of reasons, some cases languish for months and years before a visa is issued.  The government rarely advises on the reasons for the delays and the process is infamous for its lack of transparency.   As a busy practitioner, I have had little time to focus on the bigger picture on this issue.  Professor Wadhia and the students have helped me to do this by creating practice pointers to guide practitioners representing individuals in administrative processing. They have drafted and filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request asking that the government provide much needed and long buried information on the process.  We hope that the information provided in response to this FOIA will push the government to more fairly and quickly adjudicate visa applications for thousands of individuals around the world.   My colleagues and our clients greatly appreciate the time, energy and commitment that the students and Professor Wadhia have dedicated to this project.   

Anna Gallagher, Shareholder and Head of Immigration Litigation and Global Visas Practice, 2014

Centre County Women’s Resource Center’s Civil Legal Representation Project

Working with Professor Wadhia and her students was an amazing experience. The students learned an incredible amount of information in a very short time frame and thus, were able to help so many others through their knowledge and dedication. They are going to be great attorneys.

Yvette Willson, Director, 2013

Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center

PIRC/I was very impressed by the talent, hard work and enthusiasm of the students involved in our collaborative DACA project. We look forward to more opportunities to work with The Center for Immigrants’ Rights in the future.

Mary Weaver, Executive Director, 2013

Rights Working Group

The Center was an ideal partner for us on this project and we are grateful for the tremendous efforts the students and Professor Wadhia put forth to deliver a product that we intend to rely on to further our advocacy in this area. We were truly impressed with the dedication and commitment of the Center’s students and the enthusiasm they demonstrated for the project. The students conducted excellent research that was highly relevant and useful for supporting the analysis and recommendations this report outlines. Professor Wadhia’s expertise and vision supported the students in shaping a strong report that is accurate, compelling and extremely useful for our advocacy.

Aadika Singh and Jumana Musa, 2012

American Bar Association Commission on Immigration

The Center for Immigrants Rights participated in the American Bar Association’s Commission on Immigration’s “Detention Standards Implementation Initiative” by visiting the Clinton County Jail which houses immigration detainees for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Following their visit the Center produced a report on parts of the National Detention Standards which were not being properly implemented in the facility and that report will serve as a model for future delegations visiting other detention centers. I found that the students who participated in our program demonstrated skills in writing and research, and were professional and poised than many of the lawyers I hired for my Legal Services office. I attribute this superior legal preparation to the strengths of the individual law students, and the supervision provided by Professors Wadhia. I would strongly recommend the Center as a valuable resource to any client or group seeking representation or a partner in pursuing justice.

Robert Lang, Staff Attorney, 2012

Centre County Women's Resource Center’s Civil Legal Representation Project

We are deeply grateful for the hard work of the Center and its' students. Their work has contributed substantially to our efforts to increase our capacity to better meet the needs of immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and stalking. The Center’s students were engaged and committed to their work, and the Center Director provided the students with exceptional guidance and leadership for their work. The students were professional in meeting their deadlines, communicating effectively by email between meetings, planning and managing client meetings and delivering high quality work product. The students were receptive to client feedback and handled themselves in a professional manner throughout the process. The Center Director provided important input to the project at all stages, and was consistent about checking in to ensure that we were satisfied with the progress of the project. I am delighted that the law school is able to provide this important client-focused, practical experience to students and believe the program is being managed in a highly effective manner.

Justine Andronici, Director, 2012

Kids in Need of Defense

KIND benefited tremendously from our partnership with the Center. The work the Center did on our training manual will contribute greatly to the quality of legal services that are provided to unaccompanied immigrant children.

Wendy Young, Executive Director, 2011

American Immigration Council’s Legal Action Center

I continue to be impressed by the caliber of work produced by the student attorneys at the Center for Immigrants’ Rights. The students’ enthusiasm and commitment to social justice compliment their sharp legal skills. The advocacy community appreciates your hard work and commitment to immigrants’ rights!

Emily Creighton, Staff Attorney, 2012

Maggio Kattar, LP 

For several years, practitioners in the immigration community have been talking about how helpful it would be to have a resource to guide them in preparing requests for private bills or for deferred action. This resource would have not been possible without the leadership, talent and hard work provided by the Center for Immigrants’ Rights. The students were committed, diligent and professional in carrying out their research and working with the clients in producing the final product. It is always a pleasure to work with Professor Wadhia, a recognized leader in the immigration world, both as an academic and as a former practitioner herself. Thank you so much for working with us to create this long-awaited for resource. 

Anna Gallagher, Shareholder, 2011

 American Immigration Council’s Legal Action Center​​

Professor Wadhia and her two students — Beth Boul and Heather Hoechst — worked successfully with the Legal Action Center (LAC) staff to achieve our agreed upon goals. They created realistic timeframes to complete different tasks related to their final project — a comprehensive memorandum summarizing restrictions on attorney representation before immigration agencies — and kept the LAC up to speed on their accomplishments. Beth and Heather were skilled communicators, setting agendas for our weekly phone calls and taking and distributing notes summarizing each call. They carefully analyzed the data provided through a questionnaire about access to counsel in various immigration agency settings, and created a comprehensive and cohesive report summarizing their findings. They not only accomplished these agreed upon goals, but rose to the occasion each time they met new and unexpected challenges throughout the course of the semester.

Emily Creighton, Staff Attorney, 2011

ACLU Immigrants' Rights Project, New York City

Our collaboration with Luisa, Nicole, and Professor Wadhia at the Center for Immigrants’ Rights was a great success and helped measurably advance the work we do on tracking the procedures in place for immigration detainees with final orders of removal, whose detention can be prolonged indefinitely. We easily established a working relationship through which we could rely on the quality and rigor of their work, address shifting needs of the project as they arose, and come away with a final product of tremendous value to our work.

Judy Rabinovitz, Deputy Director, 2010

Tahirih Justice Center 

The Center provided Tahirih with an unparalleled opportunity to access, analyze, and publicize important data illustrating the challenges facing women and girls seeking protection through the US asylum system ... As clients, we were provided with an extremely high level of customer service, and constantly solicited for our feedback on everything from the methodology used to sort data to details about the final work products. We definitely felt like part of the team, and that our satisfaction was a top concern! The student team provided us with timely updates and summaries of meetings, and was quick to address any issues or questions that arose about their work. Prof. Wadhia was extremely responsive to our needs and concerns throughout the entire project. Once an issue was identified, she immediately circled back to the students and made sure it was addressed. As an expert in the field of immigration law, she also provided invaluable suggestions and feedback when determining the direction and desired outcome of the project.

Jeanne Smoot, Public Policy Director, 2010

Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center

The partnership between the Center for Immigrants' Rights and PIRC — a small non-profit legal service provider — has sustainably increased PIRC’s capacity. In this third semester of collaboration between the Center and PIRC, students at the Center helped PIRC to expand its resources by compiling a practitioner’s toolkit for Cancellation of Removal applications for Lawful Permanent Residents. This injection of additional capacity helped to give PIRC a boost when the organization needed it most — as it was launching a new pro bono initiative. Without the students’ efforts, PIRC would not have been able to devote the time to capture the knowledge and tips from practitioners nationally to write a comprehensive and practical set of materials.

Megan Bremer, Managing Attorney, Pennsylvania Immi2009

American Immigration Council’s Legal Action Center

 Our experience with the Penn State Center for Immigrants’ Rights clinical program was uniformly superlative. We cannot convey enough complements for this truly professional and exceptionally positive program. In addition to giving the students an extremely valuable learning experience, the results of their project will actually improve the lives of thousands of real people. The students, their professor, and Penn State University should be justly proud of their work and of this program.

Nadine Wettstein, Director, 2009

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

 The Professor is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in the issues we worked on, and was always very accessible to any questions/concerns ADC had. The students were enthusiastic, and hard working as well. ADC is proud to have collaborated with the Center in producing the NSEERS Report. The Professor and the students provided in-depth and substantive analysis of the complexities surrounding the NSEERS program.

Kareem Shora and Fahed Al-Rawaf, 2009