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Interdisciplinary Roundtable on Immigration

Our objective is to build connections among research and service organizations who work with or conduct research about immigrants and immigration, and to raise awareness of resources available among the local community of scholars and service providers.

Working Group Goals

  1. Build connections among immigration scholars and service professionals in the Centre County region.
  2. Raise awareness of resources available for immigrant populations, and the specific problems encountered by service professionals in the Centre County region.
  3. Facilitate opportunities for collaboration among immigration scholars and between immigration scholars and service professionals.
  4. Facilitate opportunities for collaborations aimed at improving immigration-related services in the Centre County region.

Working Group Members

Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia
Clinical Professor and Director, Center for Immigrants' Rights, Dickinson School of Law
Pennsylvania State University
(814) 865-3823

Jennifer Van Hook
Director, Population Research Institute
Pennsylvania State University
(814) 867-2276

Victor Romero
Maureen B. Cavanaugh Distinguished Faculty Scholar and Professor, Dickinson School of Law
Pennsylvania State University
(814) 865-8989

Melissa Landrau-Rodriguez
Director, College Assistance Migrant Program
Pennsylvania State University
(814) 863-9440

Suresh Canagarajah
Director, Migration Studies Project, Department of Humanities
Pennsylvania State University
(814) 865-6229

Justine Andronici
Attorney and Women’s Rights Advocate

Judith Kroll
Director, Center for Language Science, Department of Psychology and the College of Liberal Arts
Pennsylvania State University  
(814) 863-0126

Steven Rubin
Assistant Professor, Department of Visual Art
Pennsylvania State University
(814) 863-0126

Masume Assaf
Director, Directorate, International Student and Scholar Advising, University Office of Global Programs
Pennsylvania State University
(814) 865-6348

Merrill David
Executive Director, Global Connections
(814) 863-3927

Shedra Amy Snipes
Assistant Professor, Penn State College of Health and Human Development
Pennsylvania State University
(814) 865-4668

Lisa Davis
Director, Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health
(814) 863-8214

Sylvester Osagie
Faculty Engagement Coordinator, University Office of Global Programs
Pennsylvania State University
(814) 867-4276

Patricia Miranda
Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Administration
Pennsylvania State University
(814) 863-7402

Yvette Willson
Centre County Women’s Resource Center
(877) 234-5050

Sharon Barney
Law Office of Sharon Barney​
(814) 954-1632

Aaron T. Brooks, Esq.
Student Legal Services
Pennsylvania State University 
(814) 867-4388


Immigration Roundtable —  held February 24, 2012

Presentation on Refugees by Jennifer Van Hook — May 11, 2012 

Materials from Roundtable on Immigration Reform and Religion: February 14, 2014