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Today more than 2,000 natural gas drilling wells dot the Keystone State, while millions of gallons of water are pumped into the earth in an effort to fracture natural gas from deep rock formations. The Penn State Environmental Law Review invites the public to an interdisciplinary event that will examine the legal and environmental aspects of Marcellus Shale drilling in the Northeast on February 10.
Preston C. Green III, who holds a joint appointment with the Law School and Penn State’s College of Education, has been appointed the Batschelet chaired professor of educational administration in the College of Education. Green is professor-in-charge of the College’s Educational Leadership program. He also helped develop Penn State's joint degree programs in law and education and is the director of the annual Law and Education Institute at Penn State, which provides instruction on educational law to teachers, administrators, and attorneys.
Congressional Investigations and Oversight: Case Studies and Analysis (Carolina Academic Press 2010) has earned strong reviews from public figures with special appreciation of the complexities surrounding a nationally publicized, high-profile congressional investigation. The book was co-authored by Professor Lance Cole, who directs the Center for Government Law and Public Policy Studies, and Professor Stanley M. Brand.
Professor Louis Del Duca was part of a group of international experts who gathered at the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Conference in Chennai, India earlier this month.
Attorney Sean E. Summers visited Penn State Law to speak about his pro bono work in Snyder v. Phelps, a case he recently argued before the Supreme Court.
When Lisa Pex Shevlin ’11 graduates this spring, she will have both a juris doctor and a master's degree in international affairs; she has been able to accomplish this in three years due to an impressive feat of time management.
Professor Gary Gildin recently served on the faculty of the Advanced Deposition Program for attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), organized by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy and delivered to ACLU attorneys from across the country.
What is financial abuse? What techniques can be used to intervene and respond? What can be done in the absence of an elder-specific protective service law? On February 22, 2011, Professor Katherine Pearson will touch on these and other legal issues of financial elder abuse during her presentation “Legal Implications of Ambivalence in Caregiver relationships” at the University College Dublin, Ireland. Organized by the National Centre for the Protection of Older People, her presentation will lead off a seminar on Legal and Policy Challenges of Financial Elder Abuse. Ireland Law Reform Commissioner Patricia Rickard-Clarke will respond during the evening event.
Marcellus Shale drilling was hailed as a bridge that can help move the U.S. off of fossil fuels, criticized as something that will not reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and evaluated as an economic force at a symposium hosted by the Penn State Environmental Law Review today.
As a contracts manager for Time Dollar Youth Court in Washington, D.C., Gornall serves as an advocate for disadvantaged youths. The Youth Court’s mission is to provide alternative sentencing to first-time juvenile offenders by serving as a unique pre-petition diversion program.