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In honor of the late Barbara Jordan's service as chair of the 1994-95 U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, Penn State Law Professor Victor Romero presented, "Decriminalizing Border Crossings" as the guest speaker for the 2011 Barbara Jordan Lecture on March 21.
A four-week Intensive Introduction to American Law promises to provide legal and business practitioners from around the world with an overview of American law as it operates in the global business environment. The curriculum, focused on commercial practice, will be taught by Penn State Law faculty members known globally for their expertise in their respective areas including—antitrust, arbitration, international choice of law, and international business transactions.
The United Kingdom’s Legal Services Board recently released a report it had commissioned (the Decker-Yarrow Report) and a compendium of essays commenting on that report, including one by Penn State Law Professor Laurel Terry’s titled "Understanding the Economic Rationale for Legal Services Regulation: The Importance of Interdisciplinary Dialogue.”
Good lawyers are precise. They multitask. They focus on the big picture while thinking on their feet. Joe Devine ’11 got a head start on building those skills before 110,000 fans as a member of the iconic Penn State Blue Band.
Between the time Sardorbek Abdukhalilov found out he was accepted as a Muskie Fellow to study for an LL.M. at Penn State Law and the time he began the program, two seminal events happened that would profoundly affect his life.
Penn State Law Professor Katherine Pearson has been invited by the Brunel Institute for Ageing Studies (BIAS) to help chair a conference on “Detecting and Preventing Financial Abuse of Older Adults” on March 25, 2011 at Brunel University in London.
During the six-week trial of Kitzmiller v. Dover School District, the fate of scientific education in America hung in the balance in the courtroom of Judge John Jones III ’80. It was the first case testing whether intelligent design could legally be taught as part of a science class in public school. Today Judge Jones visited Penn State Law to reflect on the case and intelligent design with fellow alumnus Frank Ravitch ’91, a scholar of law, religion, and philosophy.