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Next Monday, October 18, 2010, Penn State Law will launch a climate assessment survey to further its goal of creating and sustaining a welcoming and inclusive environment for all community members.
After more than a year of collaboration, the International Law Association’s Study Group on the Practice and Procedure of International Courts and Tribunals has published The Hague Principles on Ethical Standards for Counsel Appearing before International Courts and Tribunals.
Professor Rebecca Tsosie of Arizona State University will speak at Penn State Law on "Tribal self-determination and the future of Indian education." Her talk is scheduled for October 13th, 2010.
The Penn State Law official Facebook page has drawn more than 1,000 students, alumni, friends and fans surpassing all of the other Big Ten law schools since its launch less than a year ago.
Penn State Law student Aboye Jinkiri ’11 spent the summer in Washington, D.C. as a Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG) intern in the General Litigation Division among people who may be her future colleagues.
New Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice merger guidelines that outline how federal antitrust agencies evaluate the likely competitive impact of mergers and acquisitions and whether those mergers comply with U.S. antitrust law will be among the topics explored at the Seventh Annual Institute on Corporate, Securities, and Related Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions on October 7 and 8 at the New York City Bar.
When Kim Hibbard ’11 joined the Chicago Division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives (ATF) for a summer internship, she was in for a challenge.
Tamara Good was a Cherie Millage Summer Fellow in 2010 and used the grant to serve the Pennsylvania Immigrant Resource Center (PIRC), which provides counsel and educational resources to secure defense for immigrants in danger of deportation from the United States. She took on central tasks such as research on asylum, U visas, derivative citizenship, and citizenship access through service in the military.
Joseph Cotilletta hit the ground running as intern with Queens County DA's Office.
International lawyers and scholars of human rights law gathered at Penn State Law on September for the pilot episode of "World on Trial."