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Professor Laurel Terry to speak at upcoming Financial Action Task Force symposium

Professor Laurel Terry will be a panelist at the Financial Action Task Force symposium “Combatting Threats to the International Financial System” at New York Law School on Friday, March 26.

In response to rampant international money laundering and terrorist financing, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) was established to set international standards and promote the effective implementation of legislative and regulatory reforms. This symposium will examine policy recommendations promulgated by FATF, their implementation at both state and federal levels, and their direct impact on legal professionals in the corporate, financial, and trusts and estates legal fields.

Professor Terry will address federal and state implementation to FATF policies. Her paper on the topic will be published in an upcoming issue of the New York Law School Law Review.

The Harvey A. Feldman Distinguished Faculty Scholar and professor of law, Professor Terry is a scholar of legal ethics and the international and inter-jurisdictional regulation of the legal profession. A three-time Fulbright grant recipient, her research interests include global regulatory initiatives, the application of the World Trade Organization’s GATS agreement to legal services, lawyer confidentiality and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations, and the effect of the Bologna Process on legal education. 

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