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"Afghanistan makes Iraq look easy," says Dr. Jeffrey McCausland, professor of international law and diplomacy at Penn State Law and Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Council on Ethics in International Affairs. His comprehensive and evenhanded briefing analyzes the situation on the ground and the possible consequences of sending more troops.
On December 9, Dr. Joan Kaufman, director of the AIDS Public Policy Training Project at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, will present "Pressing Issues in China's Health Care System: Addressing AIDs and other Critical Challenges." The lecture will begin at 5:15 p.m. in room 112 of the Lewis Katz Building, University Park.
Thomas Carbonneau and Katherine Pearson, professors of law at Penn State University, The Dickinson School of Law, have been awarded Fulbright Scholar grants for the 2009-2010 academic year.
Professor Denis Simon of the School of International Affairs participated in the 3rd Annual "Summer Davos" meeting of the World Economic Forum held September 1-12 in Dalian, China. Professor Simon was the special guest of Dalian Mayor Li Wancai and Party Secretary Xia Deren. Since 2007, the World Economic Forum has selected China as a special platform to bring together a large number of global entrepreneurs, young scientists, and future leaders to address some of the world's most complex issues.
On Tuesday, November 17, Penn State Law Review will host the second event in its interactive series, "Scholarly Dialogues," which provides students with the opportunity to engage with professors concerning recent scholarship. The program will feature a recent article by Professor Carla Pratt titled "Way to Represent: The Role of Black Lawyers in Contemporary American Democracy."
On Tuesday, November 10, 2009, Penn State University, The Dickinson School of Law will present "Lifting the Fog on Health Care Reform: Policy and Transactions."
A November 4, New York Times article featured a quote from Professor John Lopatka regarding an antitrust case filed by the New York attorney general, Andrew M. Cuomo, against Intel Corporation, the world's largest chip maker.
The American workplace is governed by dozens of federal and state laws, judicial decisions, and administrative agency regulations that make understanding the law daunting. Twelve years ago, labor law teacher and scholar Ellen Dannin started “Labor and the Law,” a monthly, online newsletter, to help nonlawyers understand workplace law.
Professor Emeritus Christine H. Kellett, graduate of the class of 1975 and first woman to be hired to the Law School's faculty in 1976, was recently honored with The Dickinson School of Law General Alumni Association's Lifetime Achievement Award, in recognition of her lifetime of service and the contributions to the community.