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Student Spotlight

The first time Jessica Parisi visited a low-income, inner-city school for a volunteer project she was stunned. Classrooms had broken windows. The school lacked air conditioning. Of the several water fountains in the building, just one was labeled safe.
Students taking a Bar Review course this summer
The Penn State Law Class of 2013 put in a strong performance on the Pennsylvania bar exam and passed at a rate of 93.83%.
When Samantha Jallah ’14 was thirteen, she and her family moved to the U.S. to escape the Liberian Civil Wars. Jallah admits that growing up amidst war changed her forever. “When you come from an environment like that, you realize how precious life is,” she said.
Five students reap advantages of oil and gas boom
The energy business in Pennsylvania is expanding rapidly. According to a report by the Department of Energy, natural gas reserves in Pennsylvania more than doubled in 2010 and increased 90% in 2011. Meet five Penn State Law students who are taking advantage of classes in oil and gas law, shale gas development policy, and energy law to prepare for careers in the field.
Michael James '14 named to Lawyers of Color's Inaugural Hot List
Third-year Penn State Law student Michael James Jr. is one of only two law students recently named to the Lawyers of Color's Inaugural Hot List for the Eastern Region. The list recognizes promising junior to mid-level minority attorneys and law students under the age of 40 who are excelling in the legal profession.
Sad, but true: modern-day slavery still exists in the world today in the form of human trafficking. Occurring in every state of the U.S., as many as 17,500 people are trafficked to the United States each year. Working at the Human Trafficking Division of the Governor’s Office this past summer, Erika Dixon learned just how big of a problem it really is.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently agreed with an amici curiae brief submitted by the Children’s Advocacy Clinic arguing that an unhealthy emotional bond between a parent and child should not prevent a court from terminating a parent’s rights when it’s in the best interest of the children.
Steve Brogan is working at Drinker, Biddle and Reath LLP in Philadelphia for his second consecutive summer.
2013 Summer Fellows
Front Row: William Benjamin Jackson III, Andrew R. Scott, and Kathleen Klein. Back Row: Erika Dixon, Teresa Lim, Aiyao Zhou, and Kaitlyn Charette (UP)