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Credits and Transfer


The maximum number of foreign credits is one-third of the credits required for the J.D. degree under ABA regulations. Credits earned in residence at Radboud during the fall semester would be counted towards the J.D. degree, and would therefore fall well within the limit of one third (29) credits allowed under ABA rules.

Credits and Transfer, Penn State Law Credits Counted Towards the J.D. Degree

European Credit — Penn State Law Credit Conversion

European Credits (EC) do not reflect class time, but hours of student work. One EC is equivalent to 28 hours of student workload. 60 European credits are usually completed in one academic year.

Radboud and Penn State Law have calculated the following conversion rate for the dual degree program:

  • Three U.S. credit hours are considered equivalent to seven EC. (3 credits = 7 EC)
  • Four U.S. credit hours are considered equivalent to ten EC (4 credits = 10 EC).

Courses at Radboud towards the J.D. degree from Penn State Law

During the fall semester at Radboud, it is recommended that Penn State Law dual degree students should take four 4 classes (7 EC each). Four classes of 7 EC each would be the equivalent of 12 Penn State credits counted towards the J.D. degree Additional courses will be not be considered for Penn State Law credit, but may be counted toward the LL.M. degree from Radboud).

Students should take five courses at Radboud if they take only one Penn State Law course to be double-counted towards the Radboud LLM degree.

Counting Penn State Credit towards the LL.M. degree from Radboud

Radboud counts up to two courses taken at Penn State Law towards the LL.M. degree, but those courses cannot be worth more than 14 EC (or 6 Penn State Law credits total). Eligibility of such courses will be reviewed by Radboud’s Examination Board. A certain grade is not required for the course to be eligible to be counted towards the degree as long as the student has passed the course.

Such courses may be taken either prior to the study abroad semester or after the student returns (in the sixth semester). Students should consult with the Penn State Study Abroad advisor well in advance about courses that are eligible for double-counting.

Radboud LL.M. Thesis

The Master’s thesis (including an oral defense) is worth 18 EC. Students who register for independent study in the spring semester may receive Penn State credit for the thesis pursuant to Penn State requirements and grading of independent study programs.

  • Example:

Student takes 4 courses at Radboud (fall semester at Radboud); Radboud counts two 3-credit Penn State Law courses (spring semester at Penn State)

Radboud credit:

  • 60 EC — work load:
    • 4 courses: 28 EC/12 Penn State Law credits (these are double counted towards the JD and the LLM)
    • Thesis: 18 EC (not directly converted to Penn State Law credits beyond the 2 credits Penn State independent Study)
    • Two Penn State Law 3-credit courses counted towards LLM: 14 EC (these are double counted by Penn State for the JD degree, and Radboud for the LLM)

Penn State Law credit:

  • Penn State Law will grant bulk-credit (i.e., no grades recorded) for the semester abroad (fall semester): 12 credits (not graded)
  • Penn State credit for thesis (spring semester): 2 credits (graded)