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  • SIA
    Top law practice today demands a knowledge of the rules and practices that govern transnational affairs which is why Penn State Law is integrated with the Penn State School of International affairs.
  • International Flags
    Students in the  LL.M. and S.J.D. programs hail from every continent except Antartica providing a culturally diverse experience that enriches.

Education Abroad

Semester Study Abroad, Fulbright Study, and Work Abroad

Fulbright Study

One-year fellowships for Penn State Law students

Penn State Law students interested in spending a year abroad with Fulbright sponsorship work on their proposals with an experienced Fulbright Program Advisor from the Office of International Career Services of the School of International Affairs. This year, Class of 2009 graduate Julie Polakoski is spending a year in New Zealand conducting a comparative study of the impacts legal reform has on workers' collective bargaining rights in New Zealand and in the United States. She will focus on the context and arguments behind New Zealand's labor law reforms as well as the impacts of these changes on collective bargaining. Her Fulbright research will be used toward completion of an LL.M. degree at the University of Otago.


Semester Study Abroad

Watch the video of the January 27, 2014 Study Abroad Workshop.

Exchange programs in China, The Netherlands, South Africa, and Italy

Semester Study Abroad General Guidelines
Study Abroad Eligibility, Application Process and Academic Regulations

Penn State Law offers opportunities for international learning through the following Study Abroad programs:

  • Escola de Direito de São Paulo (FGV) in São Paulo, Brazil
    Students have the opportunity to spend one semester at Escola de Direito de São Paulo (FGV). FGV is considered to be one of the top “policymaker think-tanks” worldwide and its world-class faculty offer a wide variety of international experience. FGV offers a graduate level law and business courses in English. Foreign students are required to take “Introduction to the Brazilian Legal System.” Exchange students may also enroll in 6 weeks (30 hours) intensive Portuguese language course (in August for the fall semester and in February for the spring semester) at no additional cost.
  • National Taiwan University College of Law in Taipei City, Taiwan
    Students have the opportunity to spend one semester at National Taiwan University, College of Law (NTUCL). NTUCL consistently ranks as number one in Taiwan and is among the top 10 law schools in Asia. NTUCL offers a number of graduate level courses in English (typically 4 to 5 graduate seminars in English per semester). In the past, English-language graduate level courses included the following courses: Selected Topics on International Trade Law, Seminar on Contract Law, International Intellectual Property Law, Seminar on Comparative Enterprise and Financial Laws, Practical Lawyering. NTU is also well-known for its excellent language program, and exchange students may take a Chinese language course at no additional cost.
  • Radboud School of Law in Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    Penn State Law students may spend one semester at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands studying European law. Radboud faculty are internationally known for their expertise in European law, including European competition law, immigration law, human rights law and European business law. This study abroad program is unique in that it permits Penn State Law students who spend a fall semester at Radboud to obtain an LL.M. degree from Radboud while studying at Penn State during the subsequent spring semester. Radboud also offers an English-language summer program in European competition law and invites up to two Penn State Law students to participate free of charge.
  • University of Cape Town Faculty of Law in Rondebosch, South Africa
    Penn State Law students may spend one semester at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa, the highest ranked university on the African continent. Courses in the fall are primarily conducted in English.
  • Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in Milan, Italy​​
    Bocconi is Italy's leading university in the area of business, economics and law and attracts a large number of international students. In addition to variety of law courses taught in English, exchange students can choose from other graduate level programs such as International Management, Marketing Management, Finance, Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment, Economic and Social sciences, and Economics, Management of Innovation & Technology taught in English. Bocconi also offers pre-semester Italian language course for international students for a moderate fee.


Work Abroad

International legal externships

Professional skills training at the Law School includes opportunities for students to work as interns in a variety of legal settings. In all of these areas, Penn State Law is expanding the possibilities for students to be placed internationally. Students have recently been placed in internships with the International Criminal Tribunal at the Hague, with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ethiopia, and with the International Bar Association in London.