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Faces of Philanthropy: Robert M. Frey

"Scholarship support is important not just because it provides an incentive to attend one school over another, but because it can make attending that school possible in the first place," said Matthew Kudrick ’12, student recipient of The Robert M. and Elva F. Frey Scholarship. "With the costs of an undergraduate tuition rising every year, the decision to attend a graduate school and invest even more money in education becomes that much harder, when compared with immediately entering the workforce and paying down debts." "It is also a bit humbling, because scholarships represent an individual or group deciding to invest in the educational future of a student that they, likely, have never met."

Kudrick was recently able to meet donor Robert Frey ’53 over lunch in Carlisle and convey his thanks.

Now retired, Frey practiced law in Carlisle with the firm Frey & Tiley. He was the president of the Law School's former Board of Trustees from 1993 to 1998 and has served as a Trustee Emeritus of Penn State's Board of Trustees since July 1, 1997. Frey chose to direct his support to a scholarship endowment to minimize debt incurred by students. "I've thought for a long time that it's disgraceful for society to encourage students to graduate from college and law school with a huge amount of debt," Frey said. "I knew the students and the school needed the money, and they still do." The Robert M. and Elva F. Frey Scholarship is awarded to law students on the basis of need, merit, or a combination of both.