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Ensuring Student Opportunity: $4,500,000

The Need for Scholarships at The Dickinson School of Law

  • 94% of students receive some form of financial aid
  • 52% of students currently receive scholarship support
  • Average size of scholarship awards: $8,450
  • Average loan debt for graduating students: $112,000

Nothing else we do to improve the quality of a Dickinson School of Law education will matter if students and families can’t afford the opportunities we offer. Scholarships are a top priority for the University and the Law School in this campaign.

The Dickinson School of Law is committed to securing $4.5 million in financial aid for our students through scholarships and additional funding for the Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP), which assists students with their educational debt if they pursue careers in public interest law. With the help of our alumni and friends, we can ensure that our opportunities remain accessible for students with limited means but unlimited ability and ambition.

Corey-Scott Smith“Law school is extremely difficult without the added stress of worrying about how to pay for it. Having peace of mind with regard to my finances allows me to focus on the task at hand, and that’s to maximize the educational experiences the Penn State University Dickinson School of Law has to offer. With the aid of scholarships, I was able to lessen the economic burden of attending a study abroad program, and in turn, diversify my legal education on an international level.”

Corey-Scott Smith is a recipient of the Benjamin S. Sternthal Scholarship and the President’s Merit Scholarship. He is the senior editor of the Penn State International Law Review, vice president of the SBA, and involved with many organizations, including the Student Bar Association, Outlaw, the Women’s Law Caucus, the Black Law Students Association, and the Latino American Law Students Association.