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Alumni are encouraged to become involved in the work of various Alumni Society Committees. To join a committee, contact and include the committee(s) of interest in the subject of your email.

Admissions/Marketing — assists in identifying, cultivating, and/or interviewing prospective students; provides or suggests alumni to serve as representatives of the Law School at Admissions events and fairs; provides feedback on Law School marketing campaigns or efforts.

Alumni & Reunion Weekend Planning — assists in planning and organizing annual Alumni & Reunion Weekend events and programs; outreaches to alumni to secure attendance and sponsorship; generally promotes alumni involvement and attendance.

Awards & Recognition — assists in identifying potential nominees during various PSAA and DSL awards cycles and as an ongoing effort.

Career Planning and Development — assists in communicating and/or locating potential employment opportunities for recent graduates and current students nationwide; provides or suggests speakers for CPDO events and programs; supports the alumni-student mentor program.

Development — assists in plans to raise money and increase alumni giving participation; provides insight into alumni deferred-giving programs, class gifts, and other efforts to bring financial stability and growth to the Law School.

Diversity — assists in promoting the diversity initiatives of the Law School, designed to foster understanding and acceptance of differences in thought, background, age, life experience, gender, race, abilities, religion, sexual orientation, and culture.

Events & Programs — assists in identifying networking opportunities with fellow law alumni, as well as Penn State colleagues across disciplines; recommends potential topics and presenters for continuing legal education (CLE) courses; and encourages alumni participation in and attendance at upcoming law school events and programs.

Faculty Relations and Support — encourages active faculty participation in alumni events and functions, and overall faculty engagement with the alumni community.

Ad hoc — the President, and/or Executive Committee, and/or Board, shall establish additional Committees as may be necessary for the proper functioning of the Society.  Such Committees shall not continue indefinitely but rather terminate upon completion of the objective of the particular Committee.