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Chapter Six: Sanctions for Violations

In choosing a sanction, the Hearing Board must consider the items in Section 6.1 but may also consider any other relevant information. Additionally, the sanctions that may be imposed by the Hearing Board upon finding of a violation of the Honor Code are not limited to those in Section 6.2.
6.1 — Criteria:
   A. The nature and seriousness of the violation, including the potential harm to the academic integrity of the law school community.
  B. The circumstances of the violation, including any aggravating or mitigating factors. 
  C. The need to uphold and promote respect for the Honor Code and to deter future violations by the Accused Student and others.
  D. The opportunity afforded in fashioning a sanction to make amends for the Accused Student's transgression(s) against the law school community. 
  E. Whether the student made a Conscientious Admission. 
  F. The extent to which the Accused Student cooperated or was forthright during the investigation and/or Honor Proceeding.
  G. Any comments relevant to sanctions that the Accused Student and his/ her representative make. 
  H. Whether the Accused Student gained, or acted with the intent to gain, academic benefit.
6.2 — Possible Sanctions:
  A. An order to return or replace the property of the victim.
  B. An order to compensate the victim for economic loss. 
  C. An oral or written reprimand not to be included in the student's record.
  D. A written reprimand to be included in the student's record.
  E. Denial of credit for a course, with an appropriate transcript entry. 
  F. Suspension or denial of library or other privileges or offices.
  G. Dismissal from the Honor Committee. 
  H. An order requiring appropriate compulsory service to the law school community.
  I. Suspension from academic and/or non-academic law school activities for a stated period.
  J. Expulsion from The Dickinson School of Law.