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Nomination Form: The Hon. Sylvia H. Rambo Award

Nominations should reflect how the nominee meets the following criteria being used to select the recipient of the Award. All nominees must be female, hold a J.D. from an American Bar Association accredited law school, and have been in the legal profession for at least ten years. Nominees may be attorneys, judges, or public officials, either currently practicing or retired, but may not be a current employee of the Penn State Dickinson School of Law. The Selection Committee shall take into consideration whether the nominee has an affiliation with Pennsylvania State University and/or The Dickinson School of Law. However, such affiliation shall not be the determinative factor in selection. Nominees must have demonstrated outstanding legal expertise through election or appointment to managerial, leadership, supervisory, or advisory positions and must have contributed to the status of women in the legal profession by demonstrating two or more of the following:

  • Advising or mentoring female students in high school, college/universities, and/or graduate/professional schools.
  • Advising or mentoring female attorneys or peers in the legal profession.
  • Volunteering services to organizations affiliated with women’s issues.
  • Contributing to, participating in, or being affiliated with by membership in, or founding organizations affiliated with women’s issues.
  • Providing legal advice to organizations affiliated with women’s issues.
  • Being promoted as the first woman in a particular position.
  • Having an employment or an educational background in women’s issues.
  • Being a member of a women’s commission, committee, or council.
  • Having gained recognition through awards, honors, or achievements by other organizations or peers in the legal community, including but not limited to, local and state bar associations.
Supporting documentation — Please forward any available supporting documentation (résumé, curriculum vitae, newspaper or magazine article) by mail to WLC President Gabriella Grosso at The Dickinson School of Law, The Pennsylvania State University, 333 West South Street, Carlisle, PA 17013; by e-mail attachment to; or by placing it in the WLC mail folder in Lewis Katz Hall.