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Dermot Groome

Dermot Groome

Distinguished Fellow in International Criminal Justice
On-site Director, International Justice Externship at the Hague, Netherlands

Principal Office: 
University Park

J.D., Boston College Law School
B.A., Queen’s College, City University of New York

Professor Groome, a legal scholar with extensive prosecutorial, investigative, and international experience, supervises the Penn State Law International Justice Externship at The Hague. As a senior trial attorney at the Office of the Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Professor Groome prosecutes some of the most senior officials indicted by the Tribunal. He was responsible for the Bosnian indictment against Slobodan Milosevic, and for the prosecution of Milan Lukic. He led the prosecution against Jovica Stanisic, the head of the State Security Service in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In 2012 he began the prosecution against Ratko Mladic.

In addition to his investigative and trial experience at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office from 1985 to 1993, Professor Groome spent many years abroad working on projects related to transitional justice and developing legal systems. He served as a legal adviser with the International Human Rights Law Group and as a consultant for the UNHCHR mission in Cambodia. Professor Groome has been a guest lecturer in international humanitarian law at the NATO School in Oberamagau, Germany, and The Institute of International Humanitarian Law in San Remo, Italy. He also served as an adjunct instructor with the International Institute of Criminal Investigation.

Handbook of Human Rights Investigation, 1st ed., Human Rights Press, 2001; 2nd ed. Humanitarian Law Centre (in conjunction with OSCE)