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General Omar N. Bradley Chair in Strategic Leadership

The General Omar N. Bradley Chair in Strategic Leadership is a joint faculty appointment among the United States Army War CollegeDickinson College, and Penn State Law and the School of International Affairs. Its objective is to advance the study of strategic leadership and enhance civilian-military dialogue by offering distinguished individuals the opportunity to contribute to the educational and research activities of the partner institutions. Former congressman and retired U.S. Navy three-star admiral Joe Sestak is the 2013-14 General Omar N. Bradley Chair in Strategic Leadership. 

The Purpose of the Chair 

The chair was named in honor of World War II hero, General Omar N. Bradley. The holder of the chair is charged with enhancing the study of leadership in the context of security and strategy, and from the perspective of the liberal arts and sciences. Through scholarship, classes, and public lectures, the chair explores with students and faculty the nature of leadership and how it should be exercised, effectively and ethically, in a world transformed by technology and globalization.

Past chairs have been drawn from prominent scholars and experts in the military, government, academic, business, and nonprofit sectors, and have included former assistant secretary of state P.J. Crowley, former director of national intelligence and retired U.S. Navy Admiral Dennis Blair, and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and journalist Rick Atkinson.

The United States Army War College and Dickinson College jointly established the General Omar N. Bradley Chair of Strategic Leadership in 2001. Penn State’s School of Law and School of International Affairs joined as partner institutions in 2010. As the security and leaderships challenges of the 21st century continue to evolve, this joint faculty chair reflects the partner institutions’ commitment to the study of leadership — from the perspective of military strategy, international relations and diplomacy, and domestic and international security law.

General Omar N. Bradley Chair Appointments

Kimberly Dozier, 2014-2015
Joseph Sestak, 2013-2014
General James M. Dubik, 2012-2013
Philip J. “P.J.” Crowley, 2011-2012 
Major General John D. Altenburg Jr., 2010-2011
Bruce Gudmundsson, 2009-2010
Jonathan Shay, 2008-2009
Admiral Dennis Blair, 2007-2008
Richard H. Kohn, 2006-2007
General L. Donald Holder, 2005-2006
L. Richard Atkinson, 2004-2005
Kurt L. Schmoke, 2003-2004
General Walter F. Ulmer, 2002-2003