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Explore Law at Penn State

Lewis Katz Building, University Park Campus


Explore Law 2014 was a huge success. For the first time, students from other universities and colleges in Pennsylvania were admitted to the program. Nine different universities and colleges were represented including Allegheny College, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Mansfield University, Marywood University, Susquehanna University, Temple University, University of Illinois, Washington & Jefferson College, and the Pennsylvania State University (students were in attendance from University Park, Altoona, Behrend, Berks, Harrisburg, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania College of Technology and World Campus).

The primary goal of the Explore Law program is to provide support to students who have an interest in the study of law and come from groups usually underrepresented in law school classrooms and the legal profession. We hope to build relationships with these students to help them succeed in law school, as well as the law school admissions process. Fifty percent of the students who attended the May 2014 program came from underrepresented groups.

Here is what the participants from the May 2014 program had to say:

“The Penn State Law Explore Law Program was one of the most intellectually stimulating, invaluable experiences I’ve ever had. I would strongly recommend this program to all undergraduate students who have even the slightest curiosity about law school and the legal profession. This program is a great networking and learning opportunity that you don’t want to miss!” — Kaamilah Furquan, Lehigh University student

“Attending the Explore Law Program at Penn State Law was probably one of the best decisions that I have made during my first two years as an undergraduate student. This experience has taught me so much and given me an amazing insight into everything that law school has to offer. I am so pleased that I decided to attend this program, not only because of the abundant information but also because of the wonderful relationships that I have made. ” — Eryn Krivansky, PSU student

“Explore Law was an amazing program! I learned how law school classes operate, how to prepare for these classes, what the work load is like, and what to do with a law degree. When it was all over, I loved meeting current law students and hearing their advice! ” — Kelly Diaz, PSU student

“The Explore Law program that Penn State offers is an exceptional program for anyone that is going, or thinking about going, to law school. It allows you to sit through mock classes with actual Penn State law professors. The LSAT training is phenomenal. If offered this program, apply. If accepted, attend! ” — Nicole McAfee, PSU World Campus student

“This program allowed me to experience Law School and answered a lot of my questions. This program was amazing! The entire PSU community made us feel like a part of the PSU family. The food was great. The creamery was amazing! The bus system was clean and reliable. Everyone, from the IT staff to the Food service personnel, was friendly and approachable. This campus is a world class institution and the Disney world of colleges. ” — Jeremy Carrington, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania student

“The Explore Law program is a great experience for anyone who might want to attend law school. It’s a way to test drive what the three years of law school would be like, and it allows you to decide if it’s the right path for you!” — Laura Daube, PSU student

“I am a recent graduate of Penn State from the Smeal College of Business who is interested in law. This program was a wonderful opportunity to grasp a greater understanding of law school and the area of law. I definitively recommend it to students who are vaguely considering law! ” — Sina Patel, PSU Smeal College graduate

“Explore Law gave me the opportunity to experience my law school ambitions in an investigative capacity. As a World Campus student, I don’t have many opportunities to obtain real world experience in my field of interest, so this program really helped me to understand the realities of my dream. Thank you all so much! ” — Aurora Copper , PSU World Campus student

 “This program was very helpful and it has better prepared me for law school. I am certain that this program’s teachings will become very beneficial in law school and in my future career as an attorney. I just hope students who are unsure about law school also participate so they can be more informed and ready. ” — Luis E. Canales, Marywood University graduate

“This program was very helpful to me in narrowing down my decision on whether or not to attend law school. I was taught first hand on what is to be expected of a law student and I was provided with some realistic advice from current law students and graduates as well. ” — Rachel Black, PSU student

“The Penn State Explore Law Program is a unique opportunity. Every student that participates in the program has a great experience. They offer a wide variety of classes, experiences, and opportunities to students who come from a variety of backgrounds.” — Amanda Bertan, PSU student

“I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone that is remotely interested in law school. This program answered almost all of my questions and gave me opportunities to explore further. If anything, this program has given me an unprecedented motivation to take charge of my future and to be excited of all the possibilities.” — Amanda Townsend , PSU student


In the Explore Law program, undergraduate students explore the study of law, the analysis lawyers use to solve client problems, and the American legal system. Students learn to brief a case, analyze a statute, negotiate like a lawyer and write like a lawyer. Students also learn how to write an excellent mock LSAT essay exam answer, learn about the other parts of the LSAT exam, and begin studying for the LSAT with help from an expert.

Led by Professor Michele Vollmer, this tuition-free program provides a structured way for students to gain insight into the experience of going to law school. The program also provides a unique opportunity for undergrads to meet, form friendships, and network with other undergrads from diverse backgrounds who share a similar goal: to find out if attending law school is the right personal path to pursue.

Law professors and practicing attorneys will join the class to discuss what they do and the fields of law in which they practice. In addition, participants will learn about the admissions process and how to succeed in being admitted to law school.

View a slideshow and testimonials from past programs. 
View a sample itinerary. 
View our frequently asked questions. 

The program will likely be held during the week of May 17, 2015, in the Lewis Katz Building in University Park, which features the newest courtroom and classroom technology.

Tuition is free and the Law School will provide housing and a meal plan for students during the course of the program. Students will reside in dormitories and have access to designated Penn State cafeterias. All students are responsible for their own transportation costs to and from the program.

Applications for Explore Law 2015 will open later in Fall 2014.​

To see a list of the information needed to complete an application, please click here.



The program is open to all undergraduate students from Pennsylvania, including Penn State undergraduates from all campuses and Penn State World Campus students.

Another goal of the program is to provide an introduction to the study of law, the law school learning environment, and the law school admissions process for all undergraduates with time for prospective law students to make adjustments to their undergraduate academic performance. Current and rising seniors may apply, but preference may be given to rising sophomores and juniors, and students from underrepresented groups.

Because the program is offered as a resource to students, attendance and full participation in the program is mandatory. The program is intensive, and includes daily classes, lectures or meetings, some assigned reading and written homework. Homework is due before the program begins. Students who do not complete the homework may lose eligibility to attend the program. Attendance during all parts of the program is mandatory unless excused by Professor Vollmer for attendance at a conflicting summer session or a serious illness. Documentation to support any request to miss any part of the program must be provided.