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Richard Fields - Third-party Litigation and Arbitration Funding

Richard Fields - Third-party Litigation and Arbitration Funding

The rise of third-party funding and litigation finance has been called the most significant development in litigation in decades. It is also one of the most interesting developments as it raises systemic questions about the commodification of justice and the market for legal services (as a result of potentially massive infusions of cash). This new market reality also raises ethics questions relating to attorney independence, loyalty and attorney-client privilege. 

Richard Fields, Chairman and CEO of Juridica, the second largest third-party litigation and arbitration funder, is the guest lecturer for Professor Catherine Rogers' Professional Responsibility Class which will be open to all Law and SIA students. Prior to joining Juridica, Mr. Fields has been a partner in several major U.S. law firms, practicing as a corporate plaintiff’s lawyer in the areas of complex litigation and dispute resolution. While in private practice he focused on insurance coverage and contract issues, complex business dispute resolution and human rights issues. Over the course of his career Mr. Fields recovered several billion dollars for numerous Fortune 500 clients. 


Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 4:15pm to 5:30pm
Auditorium, Lewis Katz Building simulcast to Auditorium, Lewis Katz Hall, Carlisle
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