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Leadership to Restore the American Dream - Admiral Joe Sestak

Admiral Joe Sestak

Leadership to Restore the American Dream - Admiral Joe Sestak

The General Omar N. Bradley Chair Lecture will feature Admiral Joe Sestak the 2013-2014 General Omar Bradley Chair in Strategic Leadership. He plans to discuss the American Dream, the belief that one's children will have the opportunity to do even better than their parents which has borne out for generations of Americans. "It was a unique alliance of rugged individualism and our collective response to challenges that created an unparalleled environment in America for this opportunity," he said. Sestak plans to address what is missing in today's leadership which he identifies as a willingness to be accountable for this special character of America.  "We once had leaders who recognized the expectations of the people, and turned them into demands that advanced the American Dream for both individual opportunity and the common good of the nation. Leadership must once again be accountable for brokering the shared alliance that deepens the individual strengths of these two great values of our American character so that we can restore the Dream." 

The event will also be available via live webcast.


Monday, November 4, 2013 - 6:00pm
Apfelbaum Family Courtroom and Auditorium, Lewis Katz Hall, Carlisle Simulcast to Room 116 Lewis Katz Building, University Park

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