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Legal Analysis, Research & Writing I

Course Abbreviation: 
CORE 912
Credit Only: N Anon Gr: N

The Legal Analysis, Research & Writing (“LARW”) course is designed to teach each student to think, write, and speak like a lawyer. Students must learn to solve clients’ problems by using effective research techniques, accurate and in-depth legal analysis, and clear and concise written and oral communication. These skills will improve only with practice. Therefore, the LARW course uses a problem-solving approach through which students will represent a fictional client and provide those clients with legal advice. Through this approach, students will learn essential skills of successful lawyers, including researching legal authorities, applying the law to a client’s situation, and communicating that analysis in writing and verbally. In LARW I, the focus is on objective analysis and writing. Students learn to draft the primary tool for communicating objective analysis, which is the office memorandum. Students receive individual feedback from their professor throughout the course.