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Financial Accounting*

Course Abbreviation: 
CCLAW 997A Fall 2013
Credit Only: N Anon Gr: N

You'll learn why financial accounting is a system for measuring and communicating the outcomes of business activities to parties outside the firm. The purposes of this course are to: 1) provide you with a basic understanding of the concepts and principles (i.e. the jargon) underlying financial accounting practices. 2) make you comfortable with financial data (in particular, opening a 10K or annual report) 3) enable you to have a conversation with your company's accountants 4) make you aware of the care that must be taken when using financial accounting data as a source of information for making decisions 5) provide you with the technical tools and references to analyze how a particular transaction affects a firm's financial statements.

This course will run from August 27 (first class) through October 10 (last class). There will be a mid-term exam during the September 17 class. A final exam will be scheduled at a TBD day, date and time.