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Externship Placement — Semester in Harrisburg Program

Course Abbreviation: 
Credit Only: Y Anon Gr: N

The Semester in Harrisburg Program is an 8-credit, semester long internship that provides experiential learning relating to legislative and administrative law practice and the formulation of public policy at the state government level. Enrollment is open to students in their third year of law school, and the 8-credit internship is graded credit/no credit. Internship placements must be approved by the Program directors and are in the state legislature, in state government agencies and offices, and with nonprofit groups that focus on state government affairs and administrative agencies. The purpose of the program is to provide students advanced training and research opportunities in a specialized area of law of interest to them and to serve as an intensive “capstone semester” for coursework already completed at the law school.

Students must register for the 1-credit contemporaneous guided reflection course (FPHBG 996) during the semester that they participate in the Semester in Harrisburg Program. This course will require a twenty-page research paper and will be graded as credit/no credit.

Students in the program must enroll in GOVMT 987 State and Local Government Law when offered the same semester as the internship semester. In any semester in which GOVMT 987 State and Local Government Law course is not offered students in the program must enroll in a required relevant elective course approved by the program directors, and selected from an approved list of courses in the law school curriculum, and relevant to the placement organization.

Student must have completed and earned at least a C in Professional Responsibility before participating in the externship.