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Externship Placement — International Justice Program

Course Abbreviation: 
Credit Only: Y Anon Gr: N

The International Justice Externship Program will provide students with the opportunity to spend a semester at the Hague in the Netherlands earning 10 hours of academic credit for approximately 30 hours of supervised work. Students will work in the Office of the Special Prosecutor at the Hague. The externship will enable students to pursue advanced practical training and research opportunities in international criminal law beyond our curricular offerings. Students will have the opportunity to analyze sophisticated areas of international law in a real world context. Each student participating in the Hague semester is required to enroll in a concurrent two-credit seminar. The seminar component will address international trial investigative techniques, tribunal jurisdiction and procedure, and areas of international civil and criminal law that are most relevant to legal practice before international tribunals. Highlights of the course may include analysis of the prosecutions of Slobodan Milosevic, former President, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Milan Lukic, former head of a paramilitary group called the White Eagles, and Jovica Stanisic, the former head of the State Security Service in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Students must register for the 2-credit seminar, International Justice Seminar (SEM 943), the same semester as the International Justice Externship Program (FPIJP 995).

Student must have completed and earned at least a C in Professional Responsibility before participating in the externship. In addition, students must have taken at least one of the following courses: International Law (INTER 971), Introduction to Transnational Law and Legal Issues (INTER 951), The Supreme Court in Comparative Perspective (SEM 907); History of International Law Seminar (SEM 903); International Protection of Human Rights Seminar (SEM 922); International Uniform Enforcement of Human Rights Seminar (SEM 968); The United Nations and International Law Seminar (SEM 941); Comparative Law in a Globalized World Seminar (SEM 908); or equivalent course approved by program advisor.