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Dispute System Design Seminar

Course Abbreviation: 
SEM 909
Credit Only: N Anon Gr: N

This seminar is for students who: have closely examined at least one dispute resolution system (e.g., civil or criminal litigation, administrative adjudication, investment treaty arbitration, contractual tiered systems for the provision of negotiation, mediation and arbitration); seek to gain an empirically-grounded understanding of the lifecycle and dynamics of conflict, conflict resolution and the pursuit of justice; and will use such understanding to propose the creation or reform of a public, private or hybrid dispute resolution system. Students will conduct original legal and (if possible) empirical research, using the principles, theories, research and dispute system law and procedure studied in the seminar. The following are examples of courses that should be sufficient to prepare students for this seminar: Advocacy I (SKILS 950), The U.S. Law of Arbitration (SKILS 962), Negotiation/Mediation (SKILS 960), International Commercial Arbitration (INTER 984), Federal Courts (SKILS 965), Administrative Law (GOVMT 952) or other courses that include substantial coverage of dispute system law and procedure.

None, however prior coursework in dispute system law and procedure is highly recommended as noted above.