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Civil Pre-Trial Practice and Advocacy*

Course Abbreviation: 
SKILS 997B Spring 2015
Credit Only: N Anon Gr:N

Disposition before trial occurs in the vast majority of civil lawsuits (e.g., 98% of federal cases), which makes pre-trial advocacy the dominant part of legal practice at most law firms and agencies.  Prior to entering the courtroom, most junior attorneys will cut their legal teeth on pre-trial activities and motions practice.  This course will combine elements of core curriculum courses, legal writing, and experiential learning by engaging students with a robust fact pattern requiring research and analysis leading to written pre-trial advocacy including pleadings, discovery and disclosures, motions (procedural, substantive, and dispositive), negotiation and settlement documents.  Paralleling a case through complex civil litigation, this “in-context” course will provide students with insight into the process of preparing a case for trial or, more likely, bettering the client’s position for a pre-trial disposition.

*Special topic course

LL.M. students permitted to enroll with Faculty Approval.