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Civil Law from Empire to Union

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Credit Only: N Anon Gr: Y

The most important issue of Civil Law today is its Worldview and its perspectives on Citizenship as well as on International Justice. In other words, particularities of the Civil Law sustain a worldview that stems from Roman Law-traditions and practices of the Roman Empire. These pertain to more recent legal developments taking place in a unifying Europe. The profiles of the major functionaries in today's Civil Law domain: judges, attorneys, EU civil servants and administrators mirror such traditions. This Course is not restricted to a traditional comparative perspective. Means are provided for a correct and effective transnational communication between legal professionals. To study Civil Law and EU Law implies an approach, understanding and management of the electronic means to communicate with its citizens, institutions and courts. The EU website is an outstanding instrument to understand the structures within lawyers must operate. Where also Common Law lawyers have to direct themselves to EU Civil Law colleagues and counterparts, they should possess knowledge and skills to understand and exercise to manage that website. The Course introduces into the basic principles and skills of the site.