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Looking for employment outside of Pennsylvania? Reciprocity may help ease the stress. Reciprocity is a mutual exchange of services between law schools. Thus, a graduate of Penn State Law may utilize the career services of another law school through a grant of reciprocity.

Each school has its own policy regarding reciprocity. Most schools require a written request on behalf of a Penn State Law graduate from the Career Planning & Development Office at least two weeks before an anticipated visit. The duration of reciprocity and the type of services that may be granted vary from school to school. Additionally, we may request reciprocity from only one school at a time. In some geographic regions, reciprocity is also restricted to one grant of reciprocity from the region.

Feel free to call us (717) 240-5201 to set up a telephone review about whether a request for reciprocity may be helpful to you.

Reciprocity Policy Statement