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Tuition and Related Expenses

2014-2015 Academic Year

  University Park Carlisle
Direct Expenses:    
    Tuition $42,720 $42,720
    Fees $980 $554
Other Estimated Expenses:    
    Books & Supplies * $1,536 $1.536
    Housing $7,434 $6,390
    Food $5,076 $3,942
    Utilities $2,322 $2,322
    Other Miscellaneous Expenses ** $3,528 $3,528
  Transportation $2,340 $2,340
  Total Estimated Costs $65,936 $63,332

* Expected books and supplies expenses are calculated at $192 per 3 credit hours.​
**The miscellaneous expenses amount includes allowances for clothing, laundry, medical expenses, recreation, and personal care.

Please be aware that scholarships and grants are available to help defray the cost of tuition.

Billing Schedule

About three weeks before payment is due, an E-mail message will be sent to the student's official University account announcing that the eBill is available. Payment of tuition/fees or confirmation of registration must be completed prior to the due date to avoid a $50 late payment fee. Please allow five to seven business days to process payments sent by mail.

Tuition Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from classes after the start of the term are subject to the tuition refund policy found at