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Communications Skills Training for LL.M. Students

  • Intensive Analysis, Writing, and Research Courses for LL.M. Candidates
  • Scholarly Writing Workshop
  • LL.M. Workshop Series
  • Conversation Partner Program
  • Conversation Lunches
  • Individual Consultation 
  • Intensive Analysis, Writing, and Research for LL.M. Candidates – The program offers two semesters of legal analysis, writing, and research courses for LL.M. students. In the first semester, students focus on objective legal writing and common law analysis, and in the second semester, students may take the advanced legal analysis, writing, and research course, which focuses on persuasive legal writing.

    Applied linguistics specialists offer supplementary instruction on English language topics each week during both semesters of legal analysis, writing, and research. The applied linguistics specialists are also available for individual consultations regarding students’ work in these courses. Students who need extra support with English language skills may schedule weekly meetings with the applied linguistics specialists.

  • Scholarly Writing Workshop – This course provides students with the framework for developing a thesis, conducting research, and producing a significant scholarly paper. In an interactive workshop setting, students will discuss progress and receive feedback from faculty and fellow students on: (1) identification and refinement of a thesis; (2) developing and implementing a research plan; (3) appropriate use of authority, including legal citation form; and (4) developing and refining a critical perspective and scholarly argument. Students are required to be concurrently enrolled in a seminar (SEM) course or an independent study (PERSP996) of at least two credit hours. 
  • LL.M. Workshop Series – This series of free workshops provides additional instruction in U.S. legal seminar writing, legal vocabulary development, and documents used in the U.S. hiring process. These workshops highlight English language skills and have been specifically designed to meet the needs of LL.M. students. Pre-registration for workshops is recommended.
  • Conversation Partner Program – The Conversation Partner Program is a language exchange program that matches J.D. and LL.M. students interested in learning or practicing another language one-on-one. Participants build language and cross-cultural skills. Partners are matched according to their language and culture interests.
  • Conversation Lunches – This weekly event is an opportunity for LL.M. students to gather for informal group conversation facilitated by a teaching assistant or J.D. student and provide a great opportunity to share insights about adapting to life in the U.S.
  • Individual Consultation – Students can schedule individual meetings with the Law School’s applied linguistics specialist for specific questions relating to assignments from any course, additional grammar help, advice on language learning strategies, focused pronunciation diagnostics and practice, or any other language concerns.