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U.S. Law Summer Program Curriculum

Program participants will learn the basic concepts in U.S. Law and will work to gain an understanding and begin to develop advocacy skills through practical exercises.

If students are interested in earning credit for this program at their home institution, they should contact Caroline Sheldon, Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs.

Introduction to U.S. Common Law and Language 
This course introduces students to the U.S. legal system. Students will learn to read and analyze U.S. cases, statutes, regulations, and constitutional provisions within the context of the common law system. Finally, students will use these analytical skills to write and speak about their legal analysis in English. Even for American students, the language of law is challenging. Participants will become immersed in listening, reading, speaking, and writing English. Participants will spend time in class and in tutorials with linguistic experts and will be expected to spend evening hours reading, writing, and on group assignments. Solid contract-drafting skills are essential tools to any professional who deals with transactions or business relationships. We will cover principles and practical tips to assist both attorneys and business professionals with drafting, analyzing, and interpreting contracts. 

Foundations of Business Law
This course explores the sources and core concepts of U.S. business and commercial law including the common law of contractual obligation, sale of goods and payment systems under the Uniform Commercial Code, business entity law, and an introduction to international business transactions. It also considers how lawyers facilitate business transactions and add value to their clients’ business operations. Students will read and discuss cases and statutes, and will practice negotiating business disputes and drafting agreements.

Legal Analysis and Writing
This course is designed to teach students to think, write and speak like a lawyer. 

Students should plan for a full day of classes each day. 

Participants who successfully complete the entire three-week program will receive a certificate of completion noting the courses taken. Law students may be able to transfer up to 30 credit hours to their home institution.