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    Penn State Law is home to nationally renowned scholars of business law, mergers and acquisitions, DNA evidence, and international law.
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    Penn State Law is home to scholars, researchers, and lawyers from more than 40 countries.
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    Students enjoy LEED-certified, environmentally friendly facilities designed for the study of law.

Work-Study Program

J.D. students who meet federal financial aid need standards after their first year and wish to work with a designated employer may participate in the work-study program. Depending on the availability of federal and matching employer funds, on- and off-campus positions are available during the academic year and summer to students who have completed at least one year of study. Off campus work-study positions require Pennsylvania residency. First-year students are permitted to work through this program only if they have prior permission from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Students who participate in the work-study program will have a reduced amount of eligibility to borrow alternative educational loans. Current students can search for work-study employment under "work study job search" on eLion. All law school jobs are listed under Dickinson School of Law. The job description will indicate the location of the position.