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Interdisciplinary Study Opportunities

Joint degrees:

Cognate Graduate Courses:

  • Health Law (HPA 853)
  • Organizational Studies in Health Services Research (HPA 563)
  • Health Services Financing and Policy (HPA 510)
  • Aging and Health Policy (HPA 497D)
  • Financing Health Care (HPA 447)
  • Introduction to Health Services Organization and Delivery (HPA 520)
  • Hazards, Disasters and International Affairs (INTAF)
  • International Technology Transfer (INTAF)
  • Knowledge, Technology and Globalization (INTAF)
  • Science and Technology International Policy (INTAF)
  • Technology, Development, and the Role of States and Non-State Actors (INTAF)
  • Information Technology Valuation, Markets and Innovation (IST 535)
  • Qualitative Research in Information Sciences & Technology (IST 541)