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  • Business Law

Tax Faculty

  • William Barker

    Professor Barker has dedicated his scholarly pursuits to the area of income taxation and more specifically to the study of international and comparative taxation. A three-time Fulbright recipient, he has conducted research as a visiting professor at the South African universities of Cape Town, Free State, Witwatersrand, and at the Riga Graduate School of Law (University of Latvia). His research reflects a strong normative approach to tax law that emphasizes the role of tax avoidance and important social values in the development of tax law in societies adopting free market, democratic systems in both the developed and emerging and transitional economies.

  • James Puckett

    Professor James Puckett teaches and writes primarily in the area of federal income taxation. Professor Puckett’s research interests include tax administration and distributive justice. His current research projects explore issues at the intersection of taxation and federal and state administrative law, as well as professional responsibility, especially relating to uncertain tax positions. His recent scholarship has examined equity issues relating to how the family and certain personal expenses affect tax liability. He has taught federal income tax, international tax, and tax policy.

  • Samuel C. Thompson Jr.

    Professor Thompson directs Penn State’s Center for the Study of Mergers and Acquisitions and teaches on the corporate, securities, tax, and antitrust aspects of mergers and acquisitions as well as international tax, investment banking, taxation of business entities, and economic growth policy. Professor Thompson has been a tax policy advisor, on behalf of the U.S. Treasure Tax Assistance Office, to the South African Ministry of Finance in Pretoria, South Africa.